Think positive!

Live your dreams.  Do you know what your goals for this month are? How about next year? How about 2020? Do you ever find yourself losing your initial motivation and struggling to stay focused?

On 26th November at 3.30pm Gosia Stewart (Principal Regent Brighton) will be sharing her knowledge on how to find out what is really important for you, how to set realistic goals and how to achieve them. These are simple techniques that have helped her to stay motivated and focused for many years.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others make it happens.

Study in the UK!


La prossima Talk di sabato 5 novembre alle 3.30pm è dedicata a “Study in the UK”.

Si tratta di un incontro in cui gli alunni di quarta o quinta superiore eventualmente interessati ad un corso di studi all’estero possono ricevere tutte le informazioni necessarie sui tempi e le procedure da seguire.

Relatore: Leila Del Fabro, Celta Teacher, Cambridge Exam Trainer, BA Language Link Principal.

Se interessati pregasi inviare mail per confermare la propria partecipazione a:

Marco Barbieri

Il giorno 8 ottobre Marco Barbieri inaugura le TALK del sabato presso la nostra scuola!


Marco Barbieri studies History at Università degli Studi di Milano.

He is also interested in art, philosophy and religion.

There are not many things he enjoys more than a cup of hot tea while watching a romantic film or the newest episode of his favourite tv series.

Philosophy is generally regarded as a not very useful subject, even more so when compared to everyday problems and challenges.

The easiest and most direct way to defy these prejudices is to focus on moral philosophy, which can help us to reflect on how to act properly in the world and how to relate well with another person.

During this presentation, we will focus on the “Trolley problem”, an ethical dilemma which will force us to decide whether a human life can be sacrified for a supposedly higher good.